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Download a 20+ page guide and follow the step by step guide to effective rewriting private label articles in under 7 minutes.

Anyone can Rewrite PLR articles, that is IF you have the correct formula!

Download Rewrite PLR today, and find out how easy it really is. Caution may cause effective results :)


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  • 1 Josh Wade

    The content of the ReWrite PLR report is most excellent. You make sure that there si an undestanding of what it takes to make the best use of PLR content and how to save time while making it unique.


  • 2 Gerald S.

    I enjoyed reading your article on rewriting PLR articles. While I agree with most of what you said, I think doing a quality rewrite takes much longer than 7 minutes.

  • 3 nancy

    The rewrite PLR guide is very good and has alot of good information about private label articles that i did not know before.

    Thank you so much for this great free report.

  • 4 Bob M.

    Excellent report on how to properly use PLR articles. The “how to” examples are very understandable and very practical.

  • 5 Darryl

    I found your report very informative and I’m glad that I read it before I purchased a content spinner. Rewrite PLR has helped me rewrite my PLR articles.
    Thank you.

  • 6 James

    Thanks for writing this report. Simple, easy and straight to the point. I will make use of this information. Thanks

  • 7 terri

    Thank you for this valueable information. You explained things so well that it seems obvious that everyone should instinctively know this. Well done!

  • 8 Ivan


    I am really impressed by the quality and affordability of your products.

    Thanks a lot!

    Kind regards,

  • 9 emmie

    i have just started with all this plr and was a little stumped on where to start,you are a god send to newbies like me,you tell it like it is with out all the bulls***,thank you for your wisdom….emmie

  • 10 Gordon Bland

    Hi Neil, I really enjoyed reading your Rewrite PLR report. Fantastic freebie! I’ve read paid products that weren’t anywhere near as helpful. In the report you never mentioned if your finished PLR rewrite would be suitable for Ezine Articles submission or whether it’s only usable as website content.
    Regards, Gordon

  • 11 Svet

    Extremely insightful guide. I experimented with google and had a test site de-listed in less than 2 weeks of submitting a sitemap because of “insufficient original content”.

    Everything you say is indeed true. Thanks for the guide.


  • 12 Delton

    Good Content…

    Very informative, a definite resource to be used w/article marketing, writing of your own PLRs…


  • 13 Steve

    Very useful guide. Just what I needed. Thank You.

  • 14 David

    Intuitevily, I knew that PLR articles were a great resource of ideas, not the actual content. Your PLR guide hit on the nail with the statement at the end that going through the PLR rewriting process is great training to become one’s own competent writing.

    A wonderfully useful guide.

    David Kimball

  • 15 rose

    Just getting started doing this and feeling overwhelmed. This has helped tremendously in helping me to understand. Thanks!

  • 16 Krikkod

    I downloaded this report thinking it was going to be a bunch of fluff. Particularly in the beginning when you started going on about yourself first.

    I thought to myself ‘whose this guy? and is this what i can expect the whole pdf to be like? just one big rant?

    But then as i got into the content i realised you are a very clued in guy.

    So one suggestion i’d like to make is to perhaps start with what the customer can expect to get out of the pdf and then go on about yourself, then get back into the actual content.

    I realise you already spoke about what’s in the pdf on your website but i downloaded your pdf days ago so i had forgotten most of your sites content.

    Other then that i really enjoyed it. I particularly liked your comments about the spinner software, which i gave serious consideration to until you said what you did.

    And it goes without saying that the meat of your pdf was great too.

    Good luck with everything mate!

  • 17 Huddy

    Well written report on the subject of “What to do with PLR?”. Just add some visuals for reader enjoyment and you’ll just get an “A”! Keep on rockin’!

  • 18 Con

    I have in the past, read many explanations and some short ebooks on the subject of rewriting PLR articles. However, your short ebook was excellent! It was the precise examples and thorough explanations that did the trick for me. Thanks again for this gift.

  • 19 Rob K

    Neil provides good common sense perspectives on article rewriting. An easy read – 10 minutes at most, and you come away with the view that, yes, you can do it! Having spent days on the Web looking for a decent article spinner, I will now heed Neil’s words – don’t bother. More effective, quicker and easier to rewrite it yourself.

  • 20 fadzly

    A really good report for a newbie like me. Can’t wait to start my own adventure

    Thanks neil

  • 21 Tonessa

    Thank you for this free report. To be honest, I use to dread rewriting plr articles, are just any type of articles in general. Now this has not just given me motivation, but it’s also given me an idea on some different type of things that I can do.

  • 22 albert

    Thank you for your very clear information. I will certainly use it, and will NOT use a “spinner”.

  • 23 kar

    good report for beginners! THX

  • 24 Moataz

    Thanks a lot for these valuable information. Your words are straight to the point, clear and easy.

  • 25 Raghuveeran

    Thanks to your PDF report on Rewriting a PLR article. I have been trying my hand at rewriting the PLRs available to me and hit uponn the idea enuncuated by you but needed some sort of a moral and theoretical suppoft to rewritng an article component by complonent.
    Many thanks

  • 26 Alan H

    Thanks Neil,

    You’ve made my day! A fellow Brit who really knows his stuff.

    I’ve just downloaded and read through your “no fluff and filler”, killer report on “How to Rewrite a PLR Article in Under 7 Minutes”.

    Or, how about… “How To Effectively Rewrite a PLR Article in Under 7 Minutes Flat!”

    Yeah, I know. My headline is more hypey than yours Neil, but if it gets the desired result, and it delivers on it’s promise (the headline), who cares!

    I’m now on a mission to start turning some of that cyber dust PLR into PLR gold dust.

    Thanks for the much needed “kick up the butt” Neil.

    Yours sincerely,


  • 27 Steven

    Thanks Neil,

    Your report, How to Rewrite PLR in Under 7 Minutes is pure gold for anyone wanting to learn how to rewrite PLR articles.

    If rewriting PLR articles has seemed like mysterious voodoo, get Neils report. He walks you through the whole process in easy steps even a child could understand.

    Great Stuff Neil! Thank You 😉


  • 28 frances

    very useful info, a quality product! thanks Neil!

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