WP answers!

Quick overview of my wordpress Yahoo Answers! plugin…

What do you get when you combine WordPress and Yahoo Answers?

A plugin called… WP answers! of course!

Similar to my YouTube plugin… WP VideoTube, it retrieves content and creates a new blog post. WP answers! drip-feeds questions & answers from Yahoo. And automatically creates a blog post with the question, plus retrieves the “best answer” and adds as a blog comment.

Read the full details at the WP answers! site… Click Here.

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  • 1 CCTV Systems

    WP answers seems to be working great on most of my wordpress blogs.

  • 2 Brash

    Yet another great plugin Neil,

    I am already using your great WP Tube plugin, now I have WP answers which took me about 5 mins to get up and running.

    Thanks again.


  • 3 Digitalnomad

    I’m on the road and have been looking for something to cut down on live posting to too many blogs and websites. I have been watching and reading about WP answers…heck, I even already signed up as an affiliate.

  • 4 Irma

    2 Thumbs up! Great Product – Very Happy to recommend it to anyone who want their hands free when it comes to find continually fresh content for their website :) Thanks Neil!

  • 5 Kim

    Awsome plugin! So easy to set up and start using. I took it for a first test drive on one of my brand new niche blogs, and it started pulling in content immediately. VERY cool! This is such a powerful tool…users have to be careful and not make too many daily posts – spread it out evenly..drip…drip… and Google will love your blog and reward you with TRAFFIC!

  • 6 Affiliate_Addicted

    I am heading right now to watch the video. I must say that WordPress and Yahoo answers is killer.

    And I didn’t watched the video yet :)

  • 7 Beth

    I just bought, downloaded, installed and ran your WP Answers plugin in five minutes. After running Caffeinated Content for months, I can’t tell you what a breath of fresh air it is – it’s light, simple, elegant, and effective. Thanksyouverymuch!

  • 8 Mark Hamilton

    Very nice concept. Posting articles is good but this baby actually makes the blog appear to be alive with constructive, informative and helpful conversations. Nice job!

  • 9 Vivienne

    Of all my purchased plugins, wp-answers and wp-videotube are the best! They are great for setting up new blogs for traffic…thanks Neil.

  • 10 Kim @ how to get my ex back tips

    Hi Neil & thank you for this great plugin. This is what I’ve been looking for to automate my blogging.

    I’ve noticed that several of my existing blogs have higher rankings now. Two of them actually moved from page three in Google for my main search phrase to the top of page one in just a couple of weeks after installing WP Answers. I’ve noticed that using the plugin together with a couple of original postings (fresh content) every couple of weeks, gives a real boost to my sites. Google is providing them with a whole lot of love… 😉

    I would honestly recommend this plugin to every singel blogger out there who is interested in increasing the exposure of their blogs.

    Thanks again!


  • 11 Adamsah Awang Damit

    I haven’t try it yet. But Brian Johnson recommended this product to me. That’s why I bought it last night. No more writing anymore. Just a little bit of writing. That’s what he said. Hopefully this plug-in can mark as the start of my profitable business. Never really making money from internet business yet. It has been 3 years now.

  • 12 Michael

    I am setting up a new blog. Installed WP Answers and configured it in a few short minutes. Everything worked perfectly.

  • 13 Steve

    What a fantastic product, just what i have been looking for. This has saved me a heap of time writing blog posts.
    Content is king so keep the plugins coming.

    cheers from Free Download Centre


  • 14 Fred

    I just purchased the Elite version.
    WOW!!! I love it, I totaly love it.

  • 15 bill

    So excited about this, about to buy wp videotube too.

  • 16 Rob K

    Just purchased the Lite version – a fantastic straightforward WP addin that does what it says ! Up and running in about 3 minutes. Will upgrade to the higher version when I need to do more searches. Nice one Neil.

  • 17 David Robertshaw

    Great plugin. Worked first time and posts appearing immediately.

    May see about upgrading to a higher version.


  • 18 ronald

    Very impressed. Added content within minutes. Easy to setup and great for comments. Highly recommended.

    Highly recommended for a new start up site to see comments and new posts.

  • 19 Gail

    just bought the WP Answers, am so excited… thank you, I love the youtube plug in and this one is just the ising on the cake.
    Thank you so much… one thing I note is the amount of traffic I get using these plugins… wow

  • 20 Fiona Mary Ivancsik

    I love Neil’s Plugins…they make life simple!!

  • 21 David Walshe

    Hi Neil… I’m looking forward to using the Yahoo Answers plugin.
    Just wondering… I’ve bought the Lite so want to get the best use of my 20 k/w’s allocation.
    Should I just use the k/w’s that I’ve optimised my site for (i.e. targeted low competition) or should I use the very high competition k/w’s that produce heaps of searches but for which my site is NOT optimised.
    For example, I’ve optimised my piano site for “how to play piano by ear” and other long tail k/w’s that have good searches, but low competition. But another obvious k/w (that my site is NOT optimised because of the high competition) is, say, “play piano”.
    Should I stick to my own niche k/w’s in the Yahoo Answers plugin or go for the high search/high competition k/w’s.

    Tks… nice job!



    Hi David

    I would do both, providing the keywords are at least
    related that’s fine.

    And I would suggest posting between 1-3 posts a
    day to start with and possibly increase the frequency
    later on down the line.

    You can still add the maximum keywords, but
    spread the post date, for example on my blogs I
    have some keywords only posting 1 time every
    3 weeks. But because I have lots of keywords
    setup I still have new posts every day.

    It also looks more natural to the search engines,
    I’ve had a few customers trying to post 50-60
    posts every day. And doesn’t help their rankings
    long term the search engines can see what’s
    going on!

    So add both your own keywords and the more
    generic ones, but try alternating it’s good to
    mix it up.

  • 22 Sean K

    Hi Neil,

    This plug in rocks!

    I’ve actually been using on various different blogs thru wp direct and i’ve gotten ranked in google, yahoo and bing for keywords that are super targeted buying keywords. . .here’s the best part, all hands off!

    Great product, looking forward to continued success, thanks for the automation machine!



  • 23 Paul Hooper

    Hi Neil,

    This is the first time i have purchased any of your products and i am so pleased i wanted to leave a comment here. The plugin came with very clear instructions on how to install and set up.

    I have just put it to use on one of my new sites and so far the results have been excellent, i’m very pleased.

    Thanks very much, i look forward to checking out more of your great products.


  • 24 Carol Marie

    Wow,just loaded the program on all my sites, very easy and works great. I like it so well I’ve become an affiliate and will build a squeeze page to promote this product.

  • 25 Joel

    Great product! I’ve got several friends (who all rank very well on the search engines) who swear by it, and I downloaded it, and love it so far too!

    Had a couple questions right out of the gate, and the support team was excellent!

  • 26 Dell XPS Blog

    One of the best plugin for wordpress. Makes running a network of blogs much easier!

  • 27 John Harmer

    Hi Neil

    I love the way that your product both saves me time in posting and gives me clean fresh content at the same time.

    I will be installing this plugin on all of my sites



  • 28 Silver

    Since you released wpanswers, other competing products have been developed, each have their own merits.

    As a license holder for wpanswers, i prefer your product because it integrates with my existing wp blog’s: theme; other plugins; and general layout.

    Wpanswers is flexible enough to achieve a range of purposes. For exmaple, one can design a site solely focused on Yah00 answers, or establish Yah00 answers as a component of one’s site while retaining other features.

    Another reason why I like Neil’s products is the level of support. I sent. I submitted a support ticket recently and received a personal reply from Neil within 24hours. Good job!

    happy customer :)

  • 29 Bryan

    Whoa, great product! I had it up and running in minutes, no problem.


  • 30 Rainer

    I used WP VideoTube Elite! and WPAnswers! Elite years ago and they did exactly as promised. No Problems. However, because of my health, I could not do too much with them. Now I’m ready again and asked if there were updated. Promptly within one day i got the links to the updated versions. Great products and great customer service! Thanks

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