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Quick overview of my wordpress YouTube plugin…

If you have a wordpress blog, and you want to add YouTube videos on auto-pilot, WP VideoTube is a free plugin that does exactly that!

With drip-feed and humanize features, the plugin will post videos naturally if like magic you posted the videos with your own fair hands (manually!).

Download WP VideoTube for free today at my WPVT site… Click Here.

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  • 1 Mary Williams

    Impressed and pleasantly surprised. I am in the process of removing a similar but vastly inferior product and replacing it with WP videotube on all of my autoblogs. I am very happy that there is no cron to be concerned with. I love the keyword capabilities. I love that it adds the video’s blurb. I love that it is so very easy to install and set-up. Next I plan to add WP Answers for a 1-2 punch effect.

  • 2 hannah

    i love your plugin. it works perfectly! i have purchased 2 of your softwares and its simply amazing

  • 3 Mateo

    Absolutely great plugin. It’s the only software I actually bought on internet, and it’s worth it!

    Great job Neil, and great assistance. I reccomend you this!

  • 4 บล็อก

    great plugin for wordpress

  • 5 Vancouver Website Design

    Easy installation and set up. Perfect for newbies looking for premium content on their sites.

  • 6 Beth

    Love Videotube. Would love it even more if the search function was a bit more sophisticated – ie incorporate negative keywords. Thanks.


    Hi Beth

    You have a few options, checkout page 7 in the user guide. It details a few search options: exclude words, exact phrase, associated.

  • 7 Rik Dederly

    I am a huge fan of WP-Videotube. After seeing this tool in action, I had to purchase. After running this for a short time, I am already seeing increase in traffic from the search engines. Thanks so much for this great product.

  • 8 Paul Wilby

    Fantastic plugin,works like a charm.Glad i upgraded from the basic version,was money well spent as its improved my site no end.Would advise others to do the same!

  • 9 Joe

    It just doesn’t get any easier, great product.

  • 10 Scott

    Hi Neil…just wanted to express my appreciation for your superb customer service! You’re always there to answer my questions and you’re on top of every wordpress upgrade….other software developers should take a clue from you:)

    Love wp-videotube, one of the best investments I made…always seems to work just flawlessly. Ever thankful I grabbed the Elite Version when I did!

    Take care,


  • 11 sergi

    great plugin, thank you!!!

  • 12 Fiona Mary

    I thorougly LOVE wpVideoTube…thank you Neil!! I have also had reason to be in contact with Neil over the past week and would like to acknowledge his willingness to assist and high standard of Customer Care. Double thanks, Neil!!
    Regards, Fiona :-)

  • 13 Cindy Phillips

    Lo and Behold! A video plugin that installs easily and actually WORKS! Currently I’m trying the demo version on three sites/themes before buying the Elite/Developer version.

    A question or two if you don’t mind. Any plans to implement thumbnail image capture from YT as videoswiper does? Alternatively do you know of a theme which auto-generates thumbs from video embeds? Or a developer who could implement the same?


    Hi Cindy

    Yes, the option of thumbnails will be added to the next version, although I don’t have a release date yet. Because my programmer is currently working on my new product sales/membership plugin! once that’s released, work will begin on the WP VideoTube update.


  • 14 Roel

    Great Plugin, i’ve downloaded the demo and going to buy the full version now.

  • 15 David

    Very useful tool. I found that I needed to clearly specify the keywords in order to search for videos that were relevant to my topic / blog. The tool will be a great time saver. Very easy to use.

  • 16 Roel

    Hi Neil,

    after purchasing the plugin i only could say one thing. What a great plugin you made there. Keep up the good work

  • 17 RICH


    I bought the plugin two weeks ago, and i just gotta say that i love it!.
    i am still testing, but i know for a fact that it will be a great asset for my blogging venture.

    This is for Neil, is there a way for you to help us with some tips, i really need to start seeing more traffic to my sites, i know there are certain niches that pull more traffic then other, but is those othes that i need traffic for…

    Thanks again for the great product.



    Hi Rich

    A couple of tips I can give you are:

    Include original article posts as well as the automated posts, they only need to be short (250-300 words) or if you have longer articles, split into 2 parts. Short articles could be outsourced and with only 300 words will be cheap. Then post updates at sites such as Propeller, Technorati Digg.

    Post original articles to article directories, and other sites such as squidoo with a link back to your blog. This does take time but long term does work to pull in traffic!


    You could also use PLR articles, and to make them even more effective rewrite them with 40-50% new content. Outsource is the quickest method and my preferred choice as it’s cheap! :)

  • 18 Pat

    Your product looks awesome. Just a comment – it wasn’t clear to me that I needed to install the zipped file. I used the unzipped file and made my life very difficult! Got it right now and am installing on all my sites. Thank you

  • 19 Steve

    I just purchased the full version, I was treated to a real time demo of the product and it is awesome

  • 20 David Robertshaw

    I combined this with your Yahoo Answers plugin and it makes auto blogging easy.

    It would be nice if I could add preset but randomized leader paragraphs so there was more than the video but currently I can only add one item to the template which would get repetitive.

    Great plugin though and a great pair when used together with Yahoo Answer.

  • 21 Arthur Cronos

    Hello, Neil,

    I purchased your Elite version of WP Answers, and it works flawlessly. I especially like the way you laid out the settings controls. Simple, intuitive, effective, and easy.

    So I’m delighted to add the WP VideoTube plugin the same way. I already have a service that can create RSS feeds nicely formatted, but the specific virtue of your plugins is two-fold —

    #1 They *select* well, so I can fine-tune and get the exact content I need for my sites.

    #2 They create new auto-posting blog entries, saving my having to hoover over the blog daily and going searching. I can add my personal postings at my convenience, and still know that visitors are being treated to regular updated content of interest.


    — Arthur Cronos

  • 22 Mary Sirillas

    Thanx Heaps Neil !! U rock, I’m luving this product, u R a genius. I must also add that Neil is there for ytou anytime.I had my query answered so promptly and i know that Neil cares for his people and we just need more of people like Neil in this world..
    In Gratitude Mary 😉

  • 23 Joseph Romero

    I just saw my less than a day old video on someones website, and its was twittered about and clicked on it to see who else was doing social evangelism classes and someone used your plug in and I see my youtube video on their twitter tools site. How awesome that my video is being posted. So I can see how many will soon learn to come as a result of this plug in. I just downloaded it and will soon upgrade after testing the plug in. I was so amazed. less than 24 hours my video on learning to be a social evangelist was posted by others. wow! Joe

  • 24 SeanL

    This is a fast amazingly powerful program

  • 25 Michael Como

    I love this plugin…it makes it so easy to create content for my blog.
    Thanks Neil!!

  • 26 Melissa

    Getting ready to install this plugin on my blog. You come highly recommended by Tibor Boda at My Blogging Blueprint. Thanks for the great plugin!

  • 27 vilicia

    just upload it & go.it’s working very well on my site.

  • 28 Sharon

    Hi Neil, I have your WP Answers plugin and I love it. I had a few issues installing the plugin but Neil, you were there every step of the way to make sure it was up and running. Thanks so much

  • 29 Susan

    I love this plugin! It is so easy to use and configure. It really lets me set it and go. I love that it does the tags and adds comments as well.

  • 30 Jay Douglas

    Awesome product! This is EXACTLY what I was looking for :)

    Keep up the good work…


  • 31 Morris

    Super,Great and totally awesome plugin. This thing is in a class by itself. It made my site to come alive.

    Great work!


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